For a sustainable organization, the first thing is to train the front-line team. With the same mind, understanding and thinking we can take the world. This is why this ongoing mentoring program is the first and primal stage of The Game Changer project by inculcating The Game Changer Way into organizations.

From the North to the South and East to West of Nigeria, we need the emergence of strong leaders in different sectors. Are you ready to make great impact in life as a coordinator? Being a Game Changer Coordinator will help you realize this with much ease. Bring The Game Changer Way into your organization today.

The Game Changer Way is a principle that promotes individual’s greatness and personal drive towards advancement; that is, the individuals efforts teaming up brings the difference. Thus we want to use it as a driver for activation of organizational and national rebirth drive.

Coordinators are people who have been part of the system for minimum of one year; and are ready to utilized the concept of The Game Changer Way in their organizations, community or leadership endeavours.

We want coordinators who are comprised of leaders and influential persons in organized sectors and industries in Nigeria, business leaders, religious leaders, proprietors of schools, labour leaders who aspire to become coordinators of The Game Changer Way in their organizations.

The role of the coordinators is to become vital in weaving the principles of The Game Changer way into the fabric of their organization in order to achieve monumental goals. Therefore, we have created numbers of activities that utilized The Game Changer Way.

In view of this, we will have need of coordinators to help get The Game Changer Way entrenched as working principle at the nooks and crannies of the nation.

  • Become a Game Changer Coordinator
  • Start Game Changer programs in your organization
  • Impact your community with the Game Changer Way programs and products.

As a coordinator

  1. You would need to be intelligent, trustworthy and loyal.
  2. Have ability to make presentations based on already prepared modules.
  3. You must be self driven and able to make decisions to further expand our ideals at your end.
  4. Able to coordinate the development of a Game Changer Community.

Join the moving train of Nigeria – a moving train unto individual greatness, empowerment and national prominence.

The Game Changer Way is our redefining platform for a New Nigeria.

To become a coordinator, send:

  1. Your name
  2. Email address
  3. Education qualification
  4. Primary phone number, preferably your Whatsapp phone number
  5. State of residence

To: 08033750871, 08118617581


Free space as coordinators is opened from every state of the federation

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