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Turn your passion into a job.

The Game Changer Project is a practical intervention platform based on the concept promoted by the book: The Game Changer for National Transformation. One of our cardinal programmes is to promote productivity, high performance and leadership development and train young leaders to socially impact their communities, schools and campuses around the nation.

OUR MISSION: To promote quality education, productivity, excellence and leadership development.

The Game Changer Education Ambassador is a special team of Nigerian youths and leaders seeking, advocating and campaigning for quality education, productivity and good leadership around the nation.

 This campaign offers strong mentoring for the emergence of strong young leaders for our society.

 They will also have the opportunity to connect with each other, learn and promote quality leadership roles among themselves and in the society.


Be 20 – 50 years of age, Minimum – Undergraduates in higher institutions of learning; OND, Degrees and Higher Degrees.


Be able to organize seminars, campaigns, supports and advocacy programs online:

Have interest in advocating for quality education, productivity, strong life purpose and leadership development among the younger generations.


  1. Recognition and Award
  2. Continuous Mentoring
  3. Attend conferences
  4. Networking opportunities
  5. Income & financial opportunities

Further Information

The Game Changer for Academic Excellence (Life and Leadership) Program

Based on the ideological position of this book, we have created Life and Leadership educational materials for schools and campuses in the form of modules.

As a volunteer, you embed the concepts of The Game Changer   into the Life and Leadership manuals for schools.

We will provide the modules for schools and students. They will pay stipend to take a short-term training and certification.

You get paid for your service. You can make this a primary source of income or full-time job. It depends on you.

Send your request to this email:

For inquiry call this phone no.: 08033750871, 08118617581


The Game Changer for Productivity & Workplace Excellence (Peak Performance Program)

We also create advance Life and Leadership manual, a Productivity and Performance manual for Personal Development and career enhancement.

For undergraduates and job seekers we run it free but they pay for the certification. Complementary to this is our vision of a job hub, to help them get jobs through exchange programs for employers looking for extraordinary workforce. We want to be the First Contact place for excellence. Yet, the first thing is raising productive and excellent people.

Relax, it is going to be a system that runs itself because the learning system allows one to one or class system.

You rise within our system based on the number of Game Changer Ambassador you raise as an Education Ambassador. Soon we will build States and national leaders.

The overarching purpose is to subtly transform Nigerians thinking through non-conventional means. Raising leaders and productive team.

Send your request to this email:

For inquiry call this phone no.: 08033750871, 08118617581

Thank you.



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