My name is ADEWUMI ADEWALE. I am a Game Changer Ambassador and Leader. By using the principles taught here, I have been able to rise in influence and coming into the limelight and as a dependable leader of excellence.

The Game Changer is about delivering masterpiece in my field of life; as it offers me the commitment to excellence and an outstanding life – in all areas. Therefore, what I learn daily is what keeps helping me to live the extraordinary life. You too can also begin to live the purposeful life of your dream as you join us here…

I am a consultant, entrepreneur, author, public speaker and a pastor. You can contact me on 08033750871

The Benefits of Becoming A Game Changer

  1. The Game Changer Ambassador is a brand and a lifestyle suitable for anyone and all; and you too can take ownership of this amazing status. Once a member, you can begin to wear the tag as you internalize the consciousness and attributes of an emerging leader you are becoming daily!
  2. The program can improve your performance, income (whatever you do). It will also help you get better in how you do and deliver your services and open new jobs for you. This program will put you at the top among your contemporary; based on the mentoring components and series of content you will be exposed to.
  3. We also design the program to help you to make money the same way we do by using the nuggets here to transform your world. You don’t need to create anything. We do everything, that is, we create the contents around your passion.
  4. As it may turn out, you may get a job right here (if you are jobless). Also, we found out that organizations wants people with leadership skills to occupy every sensitive position, no matter how small the organization or position is. We will show you how to be that person.
  5. By rising up as a Game Changer Ambassador, you have just enlisted yourself as an emerging leader in the nation and society.

Everything in life is about positioning.

You can wear the tag as a Game Changer Ambassador and begin to lead the life and which also entails a lifetime learning and commitment. In addition, to match this title, we owe you a web page like this to display to your world.

Be the best you are created to be. It is time to deliver as you become a Game Changer Ambassador.

The Game Changer Ambassador program is a unique program that keeps helping to develop you into the kind of person you want to be: A person of influence using some extraordinary, yet simple tools.


Our Promotional Offer for You

We want you to share profit with us as we build a brand of Ambassadors who rise to influence leadership impact in Nigeria and beyond – in every sector. We are doing this together by delivering contents geared towards productivity, performance and leadership development to our world. We therefore help each of us take responsibility for our lives and future. You too can join the team, the merry can go round and the joy of becoming outstanding fellow can be yours.

On this premise, we tagged our promotional offer: Learn, Lead and Earn. Simply put: You learn our principled ideology, lead others into the same certain way of life and you earn money by doing this.

Presently, we are seeking for a team to help promote our diverse programs and earn money by doing this. Our design could literally make you as much as #900,000.00 and beyond as you hitch with us (there are many opportunities for early birds). Share profit with us as you double as an ambassador and the same time earn hugely as an introducer of our laudable programs.

Taker Our Offer! Limited Time

Register today and we will be ready to share our income with you through our Learn, Lead and Earn program. The platform belongs to everyone who wants to take advantage of it NOW.

Register as a Game Changer Ambassador and you will begin to earn income here as a collaborator. This opportunity is for a while. Don’t forget our fat opportunity for the lion hearted that can make you up more than #1,000,000 by just hitting the bull’s eye. You have more to gain and nothing to lose by joining us.

Make Payment of #2,000 to take the 1-week online leadership program from a mentor along with the benefits that goes with it – it will change your leadership capacity as you infuse the concept into your routine and teach others. Increasing your capacity, productivity and income is guaranteed if you become a Game Changer Ambassador today.

We guarantee you will love to be a Game Changer Ambassador.

You are welcome.

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